Our Community Partners

To those Community Partners whose ongoing contributions as benefactors have made the greatest impact on fulfilling the Hope Hose dream, we extend our deepest thanks.

No goal is met amongst society without people applying their talents and abilities to their generosity. The admiration for our Hope House students who distinguish themselves in their determination to better their lives and improve their futures is apparent here in Myrtle Beach. We understand that to embrace these teens is to embrace a better tomorrow. Making them a part of our lives makes them a part of our city, state, country and world. They will pay it forward. Businesses and individuals who are committing to Hope House of Myrtle Beach on an ongoing basis are allowing our organization to depend upon and, thereby allocate, programs which are our sustenance.

The ANCHOR CAFE, located at the the Grande Dunes Marina on the Inland Waterway, is open during the summer months and is a favorite of locals as well as returning visitors. This is a great spot to enjoy drinks and a casual meal al fresco, especially at sunset. Their management team of Footprints on the Green adopted Hope House to receive funds raised at the cafe during the summer season. The exposure their support gives our cause is as valuable as the dollars donated. We enjoy the light hearted spirit this brings to Hope House which is all about holding up our youth so that they may participate fully in life.

COSTCO delivers meats, poultry and other fresh foods to Myrtle Beach High School where we freeze them and distribute them to our kids whose families cannot provide. Every Friday to every student who asks, grocery bags are filled with these and donated food staples from the pantry at the high school. Additionally, regular shopping is done to add other perishable items from a list kept on hand for this purpose. The contribution Costco makes to this program and the spirit with which they do so is immeasurable.

THE JACKSON FAMILY FUND (of the Waccamaw Community Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that endeavor to link philanthropic leadership, charitable resources and civic influence with community needs and opportunities) has instilled philanthropy and community service into their multifaceted group for over four decades here in the Myrtle Beach area. The Jackson Companies was founded by Mary Emily and Nelson Jackson and their five daughters. It is a family-owned enterprise that includes Prestwick Golf & Country Club, Ocean Lakes Family Campground, Ocean Lakes Properties, Crystal Lake Mobile Home Village, Ocean Lakes RV Center and SayeBrook. Several divisions of The Jackson Companies have been recognized nationally in both the golf and camping industries. Hope House is privileged to have the Jackson Family as part of our family. We are most fortunate to have their ongoing sponsorship in a donation of five-thousand dollars ($5,000.00). Such generosity has allowed us to meet the immediate needs of many Myrtle Beach High students who have been designated homeless.

MICHAEL and SHARON CLAYTON are no strangers to taking on what needs to be done. Both work hard, are accomplished and are skilled at problem solving. They are well known here in Myrtle Beach and in Washington, D.C. for improving the condition of others and knowing how to do so. As a young organization, Hope House is just beginning to explore all the possibilities for support in our cause. Michael and Sharon are responsible for stepping up and overseeing our grant applications to “Newman’s Own” that were awarded to Hope House in both 2012 and 2013. This award validates the Hope House mission! Additionally, Sharon has created fundraising events. Hope House is most blessed to have Michael and Sharon Clayton to steer and advise us.

Thank you for your support!