It takes more than money!                                                      

It takes people who can imagine providing hope, when very little of that precious commodity is available to children who have fallen through the cracks of our nation’s welfare system. These kids are not homeless by choice. They are determined students, not quitters, not losers; they are hopeful of a brighter day, if only they can stand the pain.  If only they could have a real roof over a single bed, and a night-light to study by; perhaps, a tutor, a scholarship if they prove worthy, a dentist or doctor if they need one.

We Appreciate your Donations!

Thank you for your consideration of donating clothing. With school just getting out, we are in the process of going through the clothing that has been generously donated this past spring, so during the upcoming summer months we will not be accepting new clothing donations. We are still accepting donations of food, laundry products, toiletries Walmart cards, and of course cash. Please accept our sincere thanks for thinking of us and if you can donate your items to another group at this time, I am sure they will be extremely grateful.

All donations for HHMB can be brought to Myrtle Beach High School Monday through Thursday during the summer or email us at

Cash donations can be sent directly to us at 708 Main Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

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